For performing air quality measurements for hazardous substances such as asbestos you need a reliable pump system. We have developed our own pump and assemble them in our own factory based in the Netherlands. By this, you are certain that you have a partner which has all the knowledge under the same roof and quickly can answer all technical questions you might have.

The pumps have proven them self to be reliable and are robust during fieldwork. The pump is suitable for doing air measurements according to NEN2990, VDI3492, ISO14966 (asbestos) among others. Next to this they have a batterytime of up to 7 hours at 8 l/min.

We can supply a fully functional package including adaptors and pump heads and battery chargers and hoses. An instruction can be provided for use of the pumps. We would very much like to inform you about the possibilities and demonstrate the CAP10M pump for you.

If you have any questions please contact us.


Telephone number: ++31610104627